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Sydney Pet Care Veterinary Clinic


Owner / Veterinarian

Hamish grew up in Sydney’s east and spent holidays on a farm in rural NSW. It was here that Hamish discovered the joy of being around animals and made the decision to study to be a vet, graduating from Sydney University in 1992. Jobs were hard to come by for a new graduate, so Hamish headed to western NSW, working with large and small animals for two years, before heading off to the UK, working and living in animal hospitals across the country.

Hamish has been the owner of Blakehurst Vet since 2006 and opened the Hotel for Cats in 2008. He cherishes every aspect of his role and particularly enjoys surgery, consulting, preventative care and working one-on-one with owners to make the best decision for their pet’s health. Hamish is certified by the Australian Government to get pets ready for international travel. He is married to Holly and they have three darling daughters, two adored dogs, one very spoilt cat and 10 cherished chickens. Hamish enjoys having the odd round of golf and is a mad supporter of the Wallabies and Waratahs.

Sydney Pet Care Veterinary Clinic


Veterinary Nurse Rockstar

As a nature lover and environmentalist, Jessie simply adores all animals. Throughout her life, in addition to her own pets, she’s always the first to offer her home as a respite centre for homeless pets. That continues today. Jessie has been working at Blakehurst Vet and Hotel for Cats since 2016, starting out as a volunteer while she was studying Certificate IV and becoming a qualified nurse in 2017. She feels she has found her calling in life, working with pets and their families.

Jessie takes great pride in  helping clients by providing outstanding customer service on the phone and at reception. Behind the scenes, she is a calming influence and can often be found holding a hospital patient’s paw and talking to them in her soothing, gentle voice.  Jessie loves travelling to far flung, remote places to gain a deeper cultural appreciation of the world and its two and four legged citizens.

Sydney Pet Care Veterinary Clinic


Owner/Chief of Staff

Having owned and loved many pets throughout the years, Holly knew that being around pets gave her a sense of contentment and happiness. She often thought about how lovely it would be to work with animals, but her career took her to the corporate world of suits and commutes and before she knew it, decades had passed. In 2012, she switched careers to work with Hamish in the family business. She has never looked back, relishing the opportunity to be with family and striving to constantly improve our customer service.

Holly is very proud of her team of nurses and their hard work and commitment to our clients and wants everyone to know that Hamish is just the best vet around. Holly enjoys baking and playing social tennis.

Sydney Pet Care Veterinary Clinic


Veterinary Nursing Rockstar

Born and raised in the Shire, Alana was always happiest when surrounded by pets. She knew she would end up working with animals as she has an inherent drive to care for all creatures, great and small. After completing her HSC, Alana went straight into Animal Studies at TAFE, then completed her veterinary nursing qualification while working at Blakehurst Vet and Hotel for Cats.

Alana has been with us since 2012 and in addition to her vital nursing work, she manages the Hotel for Cats booking system.  Her hard work was acknowledged when she was a top five finalist in a regional business youth award. Alana is mum to a Dalmation named Balto and Tarzan, the ginger rescue cat. She enjoys reading and travel.

Sydney Pet Care Veterinary Clinic


Veterinary Nursing Rockstar
Puppy School Principal

From a young age, Chloe’s parents noticed her aspiration to help animals and their owners. Her devotion to her own pets was beyond compare, so when she left high school after her HSC, her family wasn’t surprised when Chloe knew exactly what she wanted to do and enrolled in TAFE to study veterinary nursing. To complement her studies, in 2015 Chloe sought out a position at Blakehurst Vet.

Chloe is now a qualified nurse and enjoys all aspects of her role, particularly assisting with surgery, grooming, caring for clients and supporting their owners. Chloe is mum to two horses, Halo and Summer and a Hope the Blue Heeler.  She spends 90-99% of her spare time riding her cherished and very-well-loved horses and when she’s not with them, Chloe likes to surf.

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Veterinary Assistant

Our resident American Keith looks after our precious clients after hours. After leaving his California high school, Keith began studying a science degree and joined the US military to help pay for his college fees. Seven years later, Keith completed two Masters in Forensic Science and Pharmacology.

During his time in service, Keith discovered he loved working with military dog units and when he wasn’t working or studying, Keith volunteered at animal hospitals around the country. Last year, Keith left the military and his home country to study vet science at Sydney Uni. His dream is to be an army vet, caring for military dogs and pets of soldiers. Keith plays the guitar and drums and likes going to the movies. He misses playing fetch with his loyal brown Labrador in LA.